1. I have a few kindergarten things. One is a slide and a swingset. Written underneath: "no one is at the playground" in big block letters. 

Another one is four pages staples between two sheet of construction paper.
"I am David"   (pink and gray stick figure)
"This is my gun"   (gun in brown crayon)
"This is my home"   (house in brown crayon)
"This is my family" (four purple stick figures without faces, none of them touching).

2. Most fall between 97-03. Those were my big drawing years. There are a few from the early nineties and maybe ten or fifteen from the year leading up to publication.

3. I don't know. I can say how it doesn't happen: it never starts with a caption and me thinking "I'll draw such and such to go along with it." 

4. They were a feature of my childhood. I met Roger Staubach in his construction company office when I was fourteen or so. I have no relationship with the team anymore. I have good memories though, of Craig Morton to Golden Richards. 

5. Left-handers. Capricorns. Jews. We're all extra-creative.

6. Remember "Henry"? When I was a kid I would occasionally see it while visiting another city that had it in it's Sunday section. I found it disturbing. There was no explanation for why he couldn't speak.

Probably no one wants to admit it but I think the Far Side was pretty influential on the culture in the eighties as far as getting absurd thoughts into american kitchens. Like David Letterman was influential. 

I've avoided the funny pages since college. They give me the same suffocating feeling that soap operas do. 

7. I remember visiting NY in the seventies and how the subway cars were covered. Every inch inside and out. I don't remember what I thought of that. I remember after Harvey Milk was shot, there was graffitti, "Dan White is a murderer" painted in white letters on the wall of the stairwell that went down to the locked off pedestrian tunnel beneath Dupont Circle in D.C. I think it was there for many years.

8. No, I could not.

9.  I'm going into a totally new project right now. I have a feeling you'll hear about it when the time is nigh.